Hospice Care

A terminal illness is extremely challenging for the patient and loved ones. If we find ourselves in a situation watching our mom or dad go through the unspeakable pain of a life-limiting disease, we might wish ourselves to trade for their situation. While trading places may be impossible, a relief from their pain may just be something that our compounding pharmacy can offer.

MEDPAKS has pharmacists on staff who can provide compounded medication specially for hospice patients. Compounded hospice medication targets relief from pain when rehabilitative treatment is no longer attainable. The point is to make the patient as comfortable and as free from pain as possible.

Hospice medication can be compounded in the forms of aromatherapy fluids, oral troches, sub-lingual tablets, suppositories or topical creams and gels.

Would you like to know if your loved one is a good candidate for compounded hospice medication? Ask your physician to get in touch with MEDPAKS at 317-845-9820. We will be more than willing to take part in developing an effective medication therapy plan with the help of your doctor.