Hormone Therapy for Women

In our timeline as women, we will eventually reach a point when we easily feel irritable, experience memory gaps and have panic or anxiety attacks. There’s a certain age where these usually occur when our body’s hormones will have difficulty maintaining their balance. During Menopause, we feel a lot of hormonal changes such as unlikely weight gain, reduced focus or concentration, diminished libido, severe headaches and changes in our menstrual frequency. Some of us might even have hot flashes from time to time and difficulty sleeping.

To treat these issues, a lot of our clients turn to MEDPAKS for compounded medication. With compounding, our pharmacists can prepare medications that specifically target the hormonal imbalances that women experience. Hormone Therapy can be customized to the exact needs of the patient with medication that includes active ingredients such as Bi-Est, DHEA, Estradiol, Estriol, Melatonin, Pregnenolone, Progesterone, Testosterone or Thyroid.

Ask your physician to call us with your prescription requirements for compounded medication. Hormone Therapy for Women might just save you from a lot of stressful experiences in your menopausal period.

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