How To Use the Innovative Dispill System

What makes the Innovative Dispill System so innovative?

At MEDPAKS Pharmacy, we help you fully benefit from the Innovative Dispill System so taking your medications and organizing your prescriptions would not have to be so frustrating anymore.


The Innovative Dispill System involves:

  • Blister packing of multi-dose prescriptions – your medications will be sorted-out and packed per in-take time.
  • Medications sorted-out and packed at the pharmacy – your pharmacist will segregate your medications and hand you a fully-organized set of meds for a given intake period.
  • Travelling is so much easier – when you travel, you’ll only have to take the number of blister packs good for your trip. No more bulky med vials and pill boxes!
  • Easy-to-Read and Understand Blister Pack Labels – even if you can’t pronounce some of the drug names in your prescription, you don’t have to worry. With the Dispill System, your blister packs are labeled with your name, your prescription details and most importantly, it will include the TIME and DAY of your intake.