Innovative Dispill System

  • Do you care for a loved one and have trouble keeping up with their medicines?
  • Do you wonder if they are taking their medicine properly?
  • Or are you currently taking multiple medications yourself and having trouble managing dosing schedules?
  • Are you skipping any doses are even worse forgetting if you took a dose and maybe taking it again?
  • Would you like a simple solution so that you always take your medicine properly?

What is the Innovative DISPILL System?

The Innovative DISPILL System is a SIMPLE, SAFE and CONVENIENT medication distribution system offered to anyone who must take one or more medication. No more bottles! The pharmacist prepares your prescriptions and places the pills in the Innovative DISPILL System blister pack. Also, each blister is personalized, detachable and color coded per dose, making it easier to take medication and optimizes treatment compliance.

Every patient with Innovative RX pharmacy has their medication blister prepared and verified by one of our pharmacists for the current medication cycle. To ensure the accuracy of each dose, it includes doses for times throughout the day – early morning, late morning, morning, noon, afternoon, late afternoon, evening, bedtime and midnight options.

The Innovative DISPILL System addresses all the above scenarios and more. This packaging solution places all the medicines taken at a particular dosage time into one detachable container. The container lists all the medications and quantities of the medication it contains, the date, the day of the week and the time the medication is scheduled to be taken. These containers come in a card that contains a complete week of medicines and are typically set up as a 28 day fill cycle so when your monthly medicines are refilled they are packaged into 4 cards each containing one week of medicine. Each card also has the patients complete medication profile listed at the top which doubles as a convenient list to take to doctors appointments. The medicine containers are detachable so patients can conveniently take their medicine with them wherever they go.

And since the containers display the date and time of the dose there’s no more guessing if a dose has or has not been taken. Simply put, Dispill can ensure medications are taken in the correct quantities and at the correct time. Imagine no more worrying about skipped doses or even worse double dosing!!

The Innovative DISPILL System also works hand and hand with our Simplify website, just click on get started. The Dispill Packaging Solution is just one more way we can make your life easier! Stop by today and let us show you the Innovative DISPILL System to your medication problems!