Pain Management

When we feel pain, it is usually isolated in a particular area like our leg or our shoulder. Pain indicates that there’s something wrong in that area or that we’ve overused our muscles in that region. However, when we do feel this type of pain, why is it that we immediately resort to taking pain medication orally? In principle, oral medication goes through our blood stream and thus affects the entirety of our bodies – when we only felt numbing pain on our abdomen or our foot.

There are so many undesirable side-effects with taking pain medication – but when you turn to compounded pain medication in topical form, relief from pain proves to be much faster and more effective.

At MEDPAKS, we prepare transdermal or topical anti-inflammatory compounds that can be directly applied on the painful area. You no longer feel weary all over or feel dubiously tired which is usually a side-effect produced by pain medication. Our pharmacists can custom prepare pain management meds in transdermal form to treat chronic pain in joints, muscles, nerves, arthritis and even in post-surgical wounds.